About Buy From Women

"Buy From Women" is a digital platform that directly connects women farmers to information, markets and financing, and provides them with a 360-degree view of their business. It also provides real-time access to analytics to improve decision-making, profitability and other important aspects of their development. With this application, Malian women farmers will, among other things, know the exact size of their production areas and learn how to better measure the use of agricultural inputs. They can now predict their level of production, negotiate in real time with financing institutions and potential buyers. This project was developed by UN Women in support of the Malian Government, including the Ministry of Digital Economy and Communication through its agencies AGETIC and AGEFAU; Ministry for the Promotion of Women, Children and the Family; The Minister of Agriculture; Minister of Livestock and Fisheries; Minister of the Environment, Sanitation and Sustainable Development. The platform is set up with funding from Luxembourg, Denmark and Sweden.


About UN Women

UN Women was created to accelerate progress towards the achievement of gender equality and women’s empowerment. As the United Nations lead entity for gender equality and women’s empowerment, UN Women depends on multi-stakeholder partnerships and on innovative approaches to bring transformative change in the lives of women and girls worldwide. UN Women has a triple mandate: it supports inter-governmental bodies in their formulation of policies, global standards and norms; helps Member States to implement these standards, standing ready to provide suitable technical and financial support to those countries that request it; and coordinates the UN system’s work on gender equality.

In Mali, as elsewhere in the world, women are at the heart of family, cultural, health and social balance. They play a central role in the social stability. Mali has been going through serious crisis since 2012, the empowerment of local women is an indispensable factor for the return of peace and social economic and environmental progress in the country. Indeed, elements such as production and costs forecasting, list of customers, formal orders, revenue and profits generated by beneficiaries are integrated into the innovative platform Buy From Women.


Using ICT in climate-resilient agriculture for the benefit of rural women farmers in Mali and facilitating the marketing of their agricultural products: Buy From Women platform In collaboration with the governmental structure in charge of the extension of Information and Communication Technologies and partner NGOs, UN Women Mali implements a simple and practical mechanism to strengthen the marketing capacity of women farmers and entrepreneurs through the Buy From Women digital platform.

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